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Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime is one of the most terrifying experiences that someone can go through.  The stakes are high, but Chris will stand by you through each step of the process.

Criminal Law: Practices

Criminal Law Services

Drug Crimes

Being accused of a drug crime can affect you in many ways you may not consider.  For younger clients, a drug conviction can prevent you from receiving student aid for higher learning.  Chris has the experience and the expertise to assist you with drug charges.

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DUI's are very common, but carry serious consequences such as the loss of driving privileges.  If you have been arrested, you need an experienced attorney to assist you.

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Sex Crimes

Criminal accusations involving sex crimes are some of the most serious crimes that someone can be accused of.  A conviction can subject you to registry requirements.


Theft Crimes

Theft is a common accusation and can include issues of restitution to the alleged victim.  These accusation can have severe financial consequences for the accused.


Violent Crimes

Criminal accusation of violent acts can subject the accused to some of the harshest penalties under Tennessee Law.

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Traffic tickets and citations

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country and motorcyclists and other drivers come from all over the world come here to ride U.S. 129, "The Dragon." Your driving citation may be issued by one of the local law enforcement agencies or the Tennessee Highway Patrol

Criminal Law: Practices

Why do I need anattorney?

The criminal justice system is very complex and many people do not know understand the intricacies of our system.  Firstly, understand that The State of Tennessee has many resources at its disposal and you start off at a disadvantage.  An attorney can help level that playing field by equipping you with knowledge, and guidance while you confront the allegations against you.  Secondly, the burden is upon the State to prove that you committed the crime you are accused of, and an attorney can begin exposing the weaknesses of the State's claims and create the doubt necessary to defeat the State's accusations.

Criminal Law: About
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How should I handle Police interactions?

The first thing that we tell everyone is to remain as calm as possible.  Everything about law enforcement is designed, on a psychological level, to create a factor of intimidation of authority.  Then calmly and clearly state that you do not wish to speak to police, you do not consent to any searches, and that you wish to speak with an attorney.

Do not, under any circumstances, make statements to the police without first consulting an attorney.  Chris has many criminal cases and he has seen many, many clients talk their way into a criminal conviction, even when they were not necessarily guilty.

Additionally, do not consent to any searches.  There are many times where people have items in their home, car, or in their vicinity which, under normal circumstances, are very common.  However, under suspicion of a crime, normal items can take on an unusual contact.

Finally, contact our office and schedule an appointment to speak with Chris.  He has the expertise to guide you through the process of a criminal prosecution.

Criminal Law: About
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